Pump system design

Pump system design & installation

The borehole pump is critical to your water well’s performance. It’s what brings the water to the surface. It needs to be efficient, economical to run and reliable too.

As a specialist installer of domestic and commercial water boreholes, Geologic Boreholes sizes, designs and fits borehole pumps to suit all manner of different borehole applications.

For the bore hole itself, we prefer to install the DAB, Grundfos or Lowara brands of water pumps. High quality and competitively priced, they range from standard 4in and 6in submersible stainless steel pumps to high powered circulation pumps and pressure sets.

You might want to add a water storage system as well, so we also design and install all kinds of bespoke storage and pumping systems.

These include pumps to support water tanks from 1,000 to 20,000 litres in size, simple pump booster systems for domestic water supplies or multiple pump boosters supplying water at high pressure to commercial premises.

A submersible borehole pump is installed into your borehole within the pump chamber. A requirement of the private water supply regulations, an unobtrusive underground well chamber or well house is then installed above the borehole to protect the well head, pump controls and borehole water treatment equipment.

Of course we’ll also dig the trench and install the pipework to pump your water to its point of use. And if you need them, we’ll install your water storage tanks exactly where they’re needed – above or below ground, whatever you prefer.

If required, we’ll take away any waste material, clean up the site for you and leave you to enjoy your own private water supply. To find out more, get in touch with Geologic Boreholes. Call 01404 822 032.