Drilling and lining

Water borehole drilling and lining

Before any water borehole drilling takes place, Geologic Boreholes always recommends that a thorough survey be carried out first by hydrogeological consultants.

We can arrange the survey for you. This will confirm the composition of the ground we’ll be drilling through to create the water well, the presence of water, its depth, quantity and quality.

Following a successful survey, we’ll bring a borehole drilling rig (machine) to site, along with systems to keep things nice and tidy.

The water borehole drilling and lining sequence is then as follows:

  • Local check for underground utilities e.g. gas, electricity, telecom
  • Drill an 8in (ave.) borehole down to the water table (can be as deep as 200m)
  • Depending on geology, install temporary steel casing to prevent collapses during drilling
  • Insert a minimum 5in plastic or steel casing and a slotted screen to the bottom of the hole
  • Back fill the gap between the slotted screen and borehole walls with recycled glass gravel
  • Cement or grout the gap between the pump chamber and borehole walls at the top of the borehole

We are then ready for pump and water quality testing.

To discuss drilling a water borehole for your own home or business, talk to Geologic Boreholes. Call 01404 822 032.