Commercial water boreholes

Commercial water boreholes

For UK property developers and commercial business owners looking to take greater control of their utility bills, water boreholes (water wells if you like) present an attractive and viable proposition.

Enabling savings on annual water bills as high as 80%, compared to the mains water alternative, a commercial water borehole is a solid investment for any business consuming large quantities of water on a regular basis.

Hotels, swimming pools and leisure centres, farms, garden centres and golf courses, major manufacturing plants – they all benefit from a private water supply. One that’s pure, constant and free.

Just a single commercial water bore hole can supply a business with up to 20,000 litres of water per day without the need for any permission or license. Above this you’ll need an abstraction license, which we can arrange.

Geologic Boreholes provides you with a complete commercial water borehole installation service. We survey, drill, test and install. Everything you need for a safe and reliable private water supply for your business.

Speak to Geologic Boreholes about a water well for your business or property development. You’ll find it’s an investment with a very quick return. Call 01404 822 032.