Geotechnical investigation for Pile Design

Geotechnical investigation for Pile Design

The continuing development and investment in numerous areas of London, demands the need for data to be provided to builders and developers about the characteristics of the geology beneath their sites.

We were appointed by a Geotechnical Consultancy that we work with regularly to drill 6 boreholes to depths up to 60M using 2 Cable Percussion drilling rigs. The site contained 6 business which remained open during the 10 week project, these ranged from a car hire business to a cocktail bar which required the drilling to be as tidy and non-intrusive as possible.

The complex geology of Central London required the boreholes to be drilled using a range of equipment and tooling ranging from 300mm to 150mm. Samples were taken throughout the drilling to allow laboratory testing along with Geotechnical tests including SPT’s, CPT’s and U100’s.

The boreholes were installed with ground water and gas monitoring installations with multiple nested install’s allowing the different strata’s to be monitored and tested. Due to the depths of some boreholes the crews were putting up to 8Tonnes of casing into the ground to prevent water from entering the boreholes and poorly consolidated ground supported to prevent collapse.

The data was used for pile design and to allow the ground to be monitored during construction.