Open loop GSHP

Open loop ground source heat pump systems

In an open loop ground source heat pump (GSHP) system, water is pumped from underground using a narrow borehole. The water’s free heat energy is extracted by the heat pump and transferred to your property’s heating or hot water system.

Once this naturally occurring heat has been extracted from the water, the open loop system returns it back into the ground, either via a second borehole, a soakaway, trench or stream.

It’s a seriously efficient heating system, with the energy produced being as much as 4 times greater than the energy consumed. Whether it’s for the home or a commercial property, it can’t be beaten

And since, at depths greater than 15 meters, the ground source water temperature is not influenced by fluctuations in the seasonal air temperature above, it remains constant and reliable all year round. Clever stuff, it’s free and sustainable too.

So to save money on your energy bills and to be even kinder to the environment, talk to Geologic Boreholes about installing an open loop ground source heating or ‘geothermal’ system. Call 01404 822 032.