Headerworks & manifolds

Headerworks and manifolds for ground source heating systems

Geologic Boreholes does much more than just drill boreholes to support ground source heating systems. We provide everything that’s needed to enable a heat pump installer to connect up and get a ground source heating system up and running.

So as well as drilling the boreholes for you, we’ll also do all the header works (call it ground works if you’d prefer) between the boreholes and underground manifold chambers (where all the ground source loops interconnect.)

We dig the trenches, lay all the plastic pipes, fusion weld them together, fill, pressure test and certify the system.

And the manifold chambers that Geologic installs are specifically designed for use in closed loop ground source heat pump systems. Available in a range of sizes supporting different configurations of inlets and outlets, valves, flow meters, fill and bleed ports, they centralise the interconnection of all ground source loops.

Whether it’s a domestic or a commercial project, for all your ground source heating system installation needs, from borehole drilling and headerworks to manifold design and installation, talk to Geologic Boreholes. Call 01404 822 032