Geothermal Drilling

There’s always a huge amount of free sustainable energy available in the ground beneath us. Geothermal drilling allows us to get to it and benefit from its use.

Stored all year round as heat, in the ground and underground water at depths in excess of 15m, this source of energy can readily be used to heat all kinds of buildings and produce hot water too.

While many call this ‘geothermal’ energy, that’s actually what’s found much deeper down, generated by the ‘hot rock’ far below, rather than the sun high above. It’s a great descriptive term nevertheless, so we use it too.

So why employ geothermal drilling to make use of this low level, ground source heat for running domestic and commercial buildings? Here’s a quick insight:

Since the energy is essentially free, utility bills are dramatically reduced
As it’s 100% renewable, it has virtually zero environmental impact
It helps to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
Ground source heating systems are reliable and easy to maintain
Ground source heating systems are 4 times more efficient than traditional heating systems

To extract this heat energy from the ground, Geologic Boreholes drills and equips boreholes for what are called ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems.

There are open loop ground source heat pump systems and there are closed loop ground source heat pump systems. The choice simply depends on the space available, the local geology and hydrology.

To find out more about geothermal drilling and installing a ground source heating system for your property, speak to Geologic Boreholes, we’d be glad to help. Call 01404 822 032.