Window sampling and dynamic probing

Window sampling and dynamic probing

For more rapid assessment of underground soft soil conditions for geotechnical and environmental site investigations, Geologic Boreholes provides window and windowless sampling and dynamic probing services.

Window sampling
Using a hydraulic, high frequency percussive drilling rig, the window sampling technique obtains soil samples by driving a narrow steel tube with a viewing slot down its side (the window) into the ground.

Windowless sampling
The increasingly more common windowless sampling technique instead uses a narrow steel tube with a plastic liner. This enables the sample core to be removed and released from the sampler in tact.

Sample tubes vary in diameter from 37mm to 87mm and using this technique can be taken at depths of up to 20 metres, depending on soil type.

Dynamic probing
Using the same drilling rig, Geologic Boreholes also conducts dynamic probing for the investigation of soft spots, hard spots and voids below ground.

A rod with an oversize point or cone is driven into the ground. The number of hammer blows needed to drive the cone into the ground to a depth of 100mm is recorded and results plotted on a graph.

Dynamic probing is an ideal technique for locating the precise boundaries between materials with different densities or resistances to the cone driving.

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