Rotary drilling and coring

Rotary drilling and coring

When drilling into bedrock or dense gravel is needed to determine sub-surface conditions, rotary drilling techniques are used. Geologic Boreholes operates a variety of different rotary drilling rigs to suit all types of projects and terrain.

All our drilling rigs can undertake rotary coring in order to recover rock samples at diameters ranging from 77mm to 165mm and at depths up to 150 metres. The rock cores can then be inspected and logged, on site or in the lab, by environmental engineers.

For a more rapid examination of underground rock formations, open hole rotary drilling can also be employed. The technique delivers rock cuttings to the surface during the drilling process instead of providing a core sample.

The time saving means that open hole rotary drilling is particularly attractive when a large number of boreholes need to be drilled in a short space of time.

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