Instrumentation and testing for site investigation

Instrumentation and testing for site investigation

Applying many of the same drilling techniques employed in its geotechnical drilling work, Geologic Boreholes provides environmental consultants with an extensive borehole instrumentation and testing service.

In order to continuously monitor sub-surface soil conditions and levels of pollutants and contaminants over time, the company offers a wide range of permanent, multi-level borehole instrumentation solutions for site investigation.

These cover everything from the monitoring and sampling of water, gas vapour and landfill leachate, to piezometer measurement and recording of ground water pressure.

In-situ borehole testing services are also provided by Geologic Boreholes. These include the following:

Piezometer installation
Permeability tests
Pressure meter tests
Dilatometer tests
Geologic logging
Core orientation tests
Impression packer tests
Well pumping tests

To discuss your borehole instrumentation and testing requirements contact Geologic Boreholes. Call 01404 822 032.