Cable percussion drilling

Cable percussion drilling (shell and auger drilling)

For site investigation and geotechnical work, cable percussion (or shell and auger) drilling is by far the most common drilling method. It’s reliable – in almost any type of ground – and highly cost effective.

Geologic Boreholes operates a range of cable percussion drilling rigs to meet a wide variety of geotechnical, environmental and water borehole drilling needs. These drill diameters ranging from 150mm to 300mm and drill depths up to 100 metres.

Such cable tool drilling uses a ‘clay cutter’ tool, in cohesive soils, or a ‘shell’ (or bailer) tool, in non-cohesive soils. Both enable collection of disturbed soil samples, sufficient for determining the characteristics and structure of sub-surface materials.

For very hard ground, the drilling technique will also support the use of a chiseling tool. Water samples taken at different depths can also be obtained using cable percussion drilling.

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