Geotechnical drilling for site investigation

Building or civil engineering works require a thorough site investigation, to determine the land’s suitability for construction, what type of foundations are needed, how deep to drive piles and so on.

As one of the UK’s leading drilling contractors, Geologic Boreholes provides you with the complete geotechnical drilling and investigation service.

Trusted by consultants, engineers and geologists throughout the UK, the company offers the geotechnical drilling knowledge and know-how to determine the exact characteristics and structure of sub-surface materials.

And with the experience we have of borehole drilling in the UK, we’re often able to predict the geologic formations we’re likely to encounter at a site. So we mobilise the right drilling rigs more quickly and efficiently, helping you to save time and money.

To recover the most reliable rock and soil samples for testing, Geologic operates a comprehensive fleet of drilling rigs for geotechnical investigations. This ranges from low headroom cable percussion rigs to 10 tonne rotary rigs.

For your next geotechnical site investigation, talk to Geologic Boreholes. Call 01404 822 032.