Mini piling

Mini piling

Where ground conditions demand underpinning to create a solid foundation, and site access is problematic, mini piling provides a highly versatile solution.

As a mini piling contractor, Geologic Boreholes works closely with architects, builders and structural engineers to provide a complete mini piling service for commercial, domestic and industrial construction projects.

Some of the challenges we have solved using mini or micro piles include:

  • Inferior soil conditions, where conventional trench foundations aren’t sufficient.
  • Inside building structures, where headroom and door access is tight.
  • Restricted site access, making soil removal difficult and prohibitively expensive.
  • Built-up or environmentally sensitive areas, which prohibit excessive noise and vibration.

Operating a fleet of mini piling rigs, Geologic offers a variety of mini piling techniques, supporting a wide range of pile diameters and load handling capability. These include:

  • Steel cased driven mini piles
  • Open augered mini piles
  • Section flight augered mini piles

To find out more about mini piling, get in touch with Geologic Boreholes, we’d be glad to help. Call 01404 822 032.