The Team

Trained in civil engineering, Richard began his career in geotechnical engineering. Founded Geologic Boreholes, initially as a drilling contractor for water boreholes. While more office based these days, he still likes to get out to site to oversee drilling projects and meet new clients.

Richard Lane

Managing Director

With more than 25 years drilling experience Chris has worked on more or less every type of drilling project there is in the UK. He operates our biggest drilling rigs and works on our most complex and demanding drilling projects.

Christian Cox

Senior Drilling Engineer

Began his career at Geologic Boreholes as a driller’s assistant and soon progressed to a position as lead driller. He is now responsible for the installation and maintenance of borehole pumping systems.

Gordon Hickton

Pump and Drilling Engineer

Behind every good driller there’s a great team of driller’s assistants – there’s just too many to mention by name. They are the future of our business. They will continue to learn, developing the skills they need to run the drilling rigs of the future.

Drillers Assistants

Came to Geologic Boreholes having spent many years working in building services and construction for a mechanical and electrical contractor. In depth experience managing busy teams and all kinds of projects, from small scale domestic to large scale commercial.

Mark Winandy

Operations Manager

Working in the drilling industry for more than 20 years, Stuart undertakes the majority of our rotary drilling geotechnical projects, from site investigations for large civil engineering projects to single boreholes to assist in pile design.

Stuart Baker

Lead Geotechnical Driller

Joined Geologic after serving with the Royal Marines. Originally worked as a driller’s assistant, he is now responsible for the servicing and maintenance of our fleet of drilling rigs and support equipment. A HGV driver, he’s also seen moving our plant around the country.

Andrew Leeson

Fitter and Workshop Engineer

Arriving at Geologic Boreholes from an environmental consultancy, Donna runs the back office and accounting function at Geologic Boreholes. She also provides day-to-day support for our in-the-field drilling and pump installation teams.

Donna Thomas

Financial controller

Drilling in the UK for more than a decade, Daniel is a very experienced geotechnical driller. Has worked on an incredibly diverse range of drilling projects, from the Cross Rail Tunnel in London to the A30 extension in Cornwall.

Daniel Schweitzer

Lead Cable Percussion Driller

Lawrence joined Geologic in 2014 having already worked in the drilling industry for 5 years. Starting in the industry on a Cable Percussion rig as a 2nd man, he quickly worked his way up to driller on both CP and Rotary rigs. With a solid understanding of geotechnical and water borehole drilling, along with experience of GSHP installations he runs Rotary, Window Sampling or Cable rigs for Geologic.

Lawrence Curtis