About Geologic

Geologic Boreholes is one of the UK’s leading independent drilling contractors.

We bring you an experienced, all-in-one drilling service, comprising site surveys, drilling, system design, installation and testing.

Trusted by private and commercial clients throughout the country, Geologic Boreholes provides a complete range of specialist drilling contractor services.

These include: geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, water borehole drilling, geothermal drilling, mini piling, rock anchoring and soil nailing

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The Team

Trained in civil engineering, Richard began his career in geotechnical engineering. Founded Geologic Boreholes, initially as a drilling contractor for water boreholes. While more office based these days, he still likes to get out to site to oversee drilling projects and meet new clients.

Richard Lane

Managing Director

Came to Geologic Boreholes having spent many years working in building services and construction for a mechanical and electrical contractor. In depth experience managing busy teams and all kinds of projects, from small scale domestic to large scale commercial.

Mark Winandy

Operations Manager